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“Very fast and reasonably priced repair on my 1988 Porsche. These guys seem to know the older cars well.”

Mike H

“I had the front brakes repaired on my 99 Porsche. The Autobahn team got the job done quick and the car is running great. I highly recommend them.”

Maryann O

“Brandon knows my car & I respect his knowledge & workmanship.”

Marilyn A

“I've owned over 5 MB's in the last 20 years. This is by far the best service and value I've gotten from an MB mechanic in that 20 years.”

Elaine B

“As always the service was fantastic and conservative with what I needed. Brandon goes out of his way to save me money. My boyfriend, whom is a car expert, was very impressed with the expertise and price!”

Nikki A

“I've tried a couple non dealership bmw shops and this seems to be the only honest one around. They also have really decent pricing. Will def update my review if they change but for now I'm really happy with giving this place a great review.”